Jinzhou East Quartz Material Co., Ltd.

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Jinzhou East Quartz Material Co., Ltd. (called EAST) is located in West Sea Industrial Park Jinzhou Economic & Technology Development Zone Liaoning Province. Quartz factory is much closer to Jinzhou international harbor which is in North-East China. Our Company is one of the major quartz glass manufacturers in China.

With extensive experiences and advanced technology in the field of quartz glass production, we have several production methods, such as continuous drawing method (for both transparent and translucent quartz tubes), electrical rotated fusion method (for opaque quartz products) and flame fusion method of quartz ingot and quartz plates. We can also fabricate infrared quartz lamp and heater which are widely used in many kinds of industrial heating,baking,drying and household appliances.

We also make quartz glass deep processing such as expanding quartz tube’s outer diameter for semiconductor industries etc.Our products are exported to many countries, such as America, Europe, Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore etc) and widely used in optical fiber, semiconductor, electric light source, solar energy scientific apparatus and other industry application.